Work With Us

Start a Lion Laundry franchise at your school or in your area

Interested in starting your own business but don’t know what to do or have the capital to do it? Here at Lion Laundry we have developed a system that works, and we would be happy to help you share in our success. Lion Laundry will provide you with the capital to start your business and the framework and materials you need to get it going. We will also be there throughout the life of your business to give you the advice and guidance you need to maintain and grow your new business to it’s maximum potential. And the best part, you won’t pay us a cent unless you are making money. So what do you have to lose? Email today to find out more about this amazing opportunity.

Offer laundry and dry cleaning services to tenants and employees of your building

As the owner or management staff of an apartment building, your job is simple: keep your tenants and employees happy. That is where we come in. Partner with us in a residential building and you will save your tenants hours every week with the option of having their laundry picked up right from their door. Own an office building? Why not let your employees have their dry-cleaning picked up right from the office? We can bill service users individually, or you can make them really happy and include it as an added bonus. However you want it, just email and we can customize a system to fit your needs.

Work for Lion Laundry at Columbia University

Lion Laundry employees typically make $20-$30 per hour, with only a 2-4 hour commitment each week, and a flexible schedule. If you are interested for coming onboard please email for more information.

Manage Lion Laundry at Columbia University

Lion Laundry is looking for talented and driven young students at Columbia University to help take us to the next level. Managers would work directly with the owners, receive excellent business and entrepreneurial experience, and be compensated for their services. Please contact with interest to find out more.