Undergradate Terms and Conditions

Responsibility to Read Notifications
Customer agrees to read all emails and other notifications from Lion Laundry. We reserve the right to make changes to our service at any time and notification will be given by email in this event. Customer waives the right to seek refund for any loss in services resulting from neglecting to read or respond to Lion Laundry emails or other notifications.

Right of Termination
Lion Laundry reserves the right to terminate service and refund customers at any time for any reason or change the terms of this contract. Customers will be notified immediately via email in both cases.

Upon purchase of a laundry plan, Lion Laundry customers become subscribers of the service. They can cancel at any time according to our refund policy.  Customers must cancel plans 2 weeks before the start of the semester in question in order to avoid cancellation fees.

Right of Rejection
Lion Laundry reserves the right to reject any and all items of a bag if it believes handling or cleaning the contents of the bag may cause more damage or expose Lion Laundry to liability. Customers who submit items in a wash dry fold bag (their personal laundry bag) may not seek a refund if certain items are rejected. Items submitted to be dry cleaned or pressed that are rejected will not be charged. Lion Laundry reserves the right to not clean items which are determined to be at risk of further damaging the item or other items as a result of a normal clean. These items include but are not limited to: items that are wet or damp, items that are badly stained by ink or other coloring agents, items that are visibly ripped or otherwise damaged, items that are especially fragile.

Reimbursement Policy
Although Lion Laundry makes every effort to avoid damage to your clothing, customers agree not to hold Lion Laundry responsible for damage resulting from or including: buttons, sequins, pins, jewelry and/or other loose items left in the pockets of clothing. Additionally customers holds Lion Laundry harmless for any shrinkage or fading of clothing, or any damage that occurs while cleaning an item either according to its care tag or according to the customers directions including the cleaning of an item placed in the bag labeled for laundry that through the customers negligence should not have been laundered. Furthermore, Lion Laundry will not be held liable for items that are damaged due to a manufacturing defect or as a result of improper or illegible care instructions as well as damage done to especially fragile items which may require special processing or for damages caused by customer neglect such as items left in pockets. If a case of damage occurs customers must report the damage within 48 hours of the return of the items. All claims must be filed in writing and submitted to Lion Laundry by email or postal mail within 2 days of either the scheduled or actual return date, whichever is later.  After a legitimate claim is filed, there will be a processing period of 10 to 15 business days. During this period, Lion Laundry will do everything possible to promptly and accurately determine the cause of damage or repair whatever damage might exist. If it becomes necessary to issue a reimbursement to one of our customers we reserve up to 30 days for processing. Lion Laundry reserves the right to either credit the customer or reimburse them via cash, check, or credit card refund.  Lion Laundry will determine the reimbursement amount based on the average life of the garment, depreciation for its age, and current replacement cost (or replacement cost of a comparable item if the item in question is no longer available).  The customer agrees that the reimbursement amount is at the sole discretion of Lion Laundry.  In absolutely no case will a reimbursement exceed $75 per item or $200 for the entire contents of a bag.

Failure to Meet Scheduled Pick Up Times
If a customer fails to present their laundry during the designated pick-up time in a given week the customer forfeits the service for that week and will not be eligible for a reimbursement of that week’s service.  Lion Laundry’s system for calculating poundage limits as an average over several weeks does allow customers to make up for the missed service in the following week however.  Lion Laundry is not responsible for, and shall not pay for, any loss, damage or theft of items left unattended by the customer for pickup or delivery. The customer is responsible for ensuring that his/her laundry bag is in the possession of a Lion Laundry employee during pick up, and is responsible for being present in their room to receive the bag at the drop off time.  If the customer is not present at drop off, the bag will be left outside the door at which point Lion Laundry is no longer responsible for its contents.

Lost Bag
Customers who lose their laundry bag or dry cleaning bag must purchase a replacement bag to continue their service. All replacement bags will be billed at a rate of $10 per bag.

Dry Cleaning
Customers who use Lion Laundry’s dry cleaning service but use up and exceed their entire deposit are responsible for paying to Lion Laundry the amount due on the account.  The individual who is designated as the name on the account shall be held responsible for any additional charges accrued on the account. Whether or not the Student was authorized to generate these charges shall not be a valid excuse for refusing Lion Laundry its just compensation. Lion Laundry shall bill dry cleaning use according to its published schedule on the web and items for which a price is not established shall be billed at a reasonable rate.

Refund Policy
You can cancel your laundry plan at any time. To cancel your service, please email your Lion Laundry representative. Plans cancelled during the semester will be refunded the pro-rated amount of the plan remaining after 10% of the initial purchase price is subtracted. The pro-rated amount shall be calculated by dividing the number of weeks remaining in the semester by the number of weeks initially paid for. Lion Laundry reserves the right to issue refunds via checks, cash, or credit card refunds.

Delivery Delays and Reschedules
Lion Laundry makes every effort to remain on a regular delivery schedule that is assigned at signup. Due to unforeseen circumstances, deliveries can be delayed or rescheduled. In such an instance the affected customers will be notified by email. Lion Laundry will do its best to go out of our way to accommodate the customers in these circumstances, but we will offer no refunds or compensation for missed deliveries if this occurs. The customer acknowledges and accepts that it is their sole responsibility to retrieve their bag if this occurs. In some instance, no notification will be possible (i.e. traffic delays, inclement weather, accidents, or acts of god). Customer acknowledges and accepts that deliveries may be as many as 1 hour delayed past the scheduled time without warning. Customer agrees that it is their responsibility to make any adjustments needed to retrieve their bag upon delivery. Customer waives their right to seek refund for any loss in services resulting from delays equal to or less than 1 hour even if notification is not given.

Change of Address
It is the responsibility of the customer to inform Lion Laundry of any address changes for which services are expected to be rendered. Lion Laundry will assume customers remain at their stated address unless notified. Failure to update location information shall not be accepted as a valid reason for why Lion Laundry did not render services to the customer.

Lion Laundry's liability shall be limited to general money damages in a maximum amount not to exceed the amount specified in our reimbursement policy. This liability shall be the extent of Lion Laundry's liability regardless of the form in which any legal or equitable action may be brought and the foregoing shall constitute the customer's exclusive remedy. In no event will Lion Laundry be held liable or be responsible for any consequential, special, indirect, incidental or punitive loss or damages, whether or not Lion Laundry knew or should have know of the likelihood of any such loss or damages. Lion Laundry disclaims all warranties, express or implied, with respect to the services rendered to the customer.