How it Works

Standard Wash/Dry/Fold Service:

A Lion Laundry representative will drop off your custom Lion Laundry bag, labeled with your name and room number, and assign you a pickup day and time. Every week you throw all of your dirty laundry into your bag, and a member of the Lion Laundry team will come pick it up right from your door. Your clothes are brought to our facilities and professionally washed, dried, folded and sealed in plastic to keep them clean. Your clean folded clothes are returned to your door the very next day, ready to go right in your drawers.

Hang Dry Options

If you have delicate clothes that you don’t want machine dried, simply place them in a plastic bag, clearly label the bag as “hang dry only,” and place that bag in your regular bag. These clothes will be washed as usual, left to hang dry and returned the next day on hangers along with your other clothes. Note that due to the next day return, hang dry items often return still slightly damp and must be left out to finish drying after their return.

Dry Cleaning:

If you sign up for our dry-cleaning option, you will receive a mesh bag along with your regular bag. Simply place any clothes for dry cleaning in the mesh bag along with a note reading “dry clean only” and put that in your regular bag. All dry cleaning will be returned on hangers on that Friday, (2-3 day turnaround).