What is Lion Laundry?

Lion Laundry provides a pickup and delivery laundry service offering both a wash-dry-fold and a dry cleaning component.

What do I use as a laundry bag?

Before the first scheduled pick up day, a member of the Lion Laundry team will drop off a custom Lion Laundry bag at your room. We ask that you only use this bag.

How is my laundry picked up and dropped off?

Simply leave your bag outside your room or suite within the designated time period and a member of the Lion Laundry team will pick it up. When we drop off your clean clothes, if no one is in your room, we will similarly leave the bag outside your door.

Who is cleaning my clothes?

Lion Laundry is affiliated with a professional commercial Laundromat, located in Brooklyn, NY. They provide all of the laundering services for Lion Laundry.

What happens if I exceed the weekly poundage limit?

Lion Laundry calculates this on a semesterly basis. Therefore, even if you exceed the weekly poundage one week, as long as the average remains below your limit, you will not be charged. However, if, at the end of each semester, your total usage is significantly above your allotted poundage per week, Lion Laundry will charge you an extra $1.25 per pound for every pound over the limit. If you are significantly over your limit at a given point in the semester, Lion Laundry will contact you to offer an upgrade to a larger package at no extra cost.

How will I know if I am above my poundage allotment?

If you are above your poundage allotment a Lion Laundry representative will contact you with an offer to increase to a larger package at no extra charge. If you do not hear from a Lion Laundry representative, you may assume that you are at or under your allotment.

Can I sign up for only a dry cleaning plan?

No, dry cleaning is an extra service only available if you are also signed up for a laundry plan.

How will Lion Laundry know which clothes I want washed and which I want dry-cleaned?

To avoid confusion, along with your Lion Laundry bag you will receive a smaller mesh bag. Simply place the articles of clothing that you would like to have dry cleaned in the mesh bag, and place the mesh bag inside your primary laundry bag.

How will I know how much of my dry cleaning deposit I have spent?

Lion Laundry will contact you if your deposit is low. If you do not hear from us you can assume you have money left on your deposit.

What if I need special materials dry-cleaned (e.g. leather, silk or cashmere)?

Quotes for special materials are available if requested, but you can expect prices that are at or below the rates standard to New York City. Again, at the end of the semester, Lion Laundry will bill you for any additional fees associated with servicing special materials.

What happens if I miss a week? Can I make it up the following semester?

No, Lion Laundry does not offer refunds for individual weeks. However by rolling over your poundage we allow you to make up for the missed week during the semester in which it was missed.

Can I sign up for a single week?

No, Lion Laundry does not currently allow customers to sign up for single weeks. If you would like to test Lion laundry for a week or something along that nature please email us and we can try to work something out.

Can I cancel part of the way through the semester?

You may cancel any time and will be refunded on a pro rated basis minus a $25 cancellation fee.

If I sign up midway through the semester, do I have to pay for a full semester?

No, you will be charged on a pro rated basis, depending on the number of weeks remaining in the semester. Contact Lion Laundry to receive an exact quote.

What happens if I find that an item is missing?

Most of the time, missing clothes have slipped into roommates' laundry bags or were otherwise misplaced around the room. If there is a question of lost clothing, please contact a customer service representative as soon as possible.

What happens if some of my clothes are damaged?

In the rare event that an item is determined damaged as a result of the Lion Laundry service, you will be reimbursed for its cost according to Lion Laundry standards as noted in our undergraduate terms and conditions. However, Lion Laundry does not accept responsibility for clothes damaged due to a customer's negligence (e.g., if a pen left in a pocket stains clothing).